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Prozap Fly Sprays—be ready for flying insects and pests this summer. Stock up on your fly sprays like LD-44Z, CT-75, and DyFly for effective control so you and your animals can enjoy the summer! Find them here!

Spring Necessities—fly tags for pest control this summer are a must! Be sure to get them soon to before they gain control of your herd. Need implants for the growth of your calves and young stock? Find it all here!

Draxxin—when it comes to effective treatment of respiratory disease in your herd, Draxxin, Draxxin 25, and Draxxin KP are here to help. In just 1 dose, these antibiotics offer fast relief for cattle and swine! Shop them here.

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Leedstone specializes in animal health, pharmaceuticals, farm supplies, and dairy equipment (from conventional to robotics) to help you improve performance, control costs and find what you’re looking for. We offer ongoing support to help you meet your goals. Learn more here.

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