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Leedstone Lists

Create lists of your preferred products; then order and reorder in just a few clicks!

Leedstone Lists help you manage your business by allowing fast access to the products
you need!

  • Create an unlimited number of lists
  • Edit, delete and add products to each
  • Name and save as you prefer, for example:
    - by time of year—Spring Vaccines;
    - by herdsman—Jim’s List;
    - by location—Meadowbrook Farm
  • Move products from list to list
  • Reorder entire list or select items in just a few clicks!
  • Share list(s)—send your lists to other account owners
  • View product history (last 3 entries/activity) in 1 click

How to Create a Leedstone List

After logging in to

  • From the My Account area:
    • Go to My Leedstone Lists
    • Click Create List and enter the name
  • Or, from any product page, click on "Add to List" button*
    • Select Create New List and enter the name
    • If you already have lists created, you can choose the list you want that product added to, from the drop-down menu

*Each product resides in your Leedstone List at a quantity of ‘0’ to avoid accidental ordering. You can go through the list, adding your quantities (using either ‘Tab’, ‘Arrow’ or ‘Enter’ to get to the next product). When you add your order to the cart, the list resets back to ‘0’. And, when you ‘View History’ the quantities you ordered will be there.

 Create a Leedstone List of your own.