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Some Products Stand Above the Rest

With so many products on the market, short of trying each of them for yourself, it’s hard to know which product really is best for a particular need.

The owners of Leedstone, Drs. David and Daniel Tomsche, are out in the industry discussing solutions and product value with clients and seeing a product’s performance first-hand.

Dr’s Choice gives products the limelight they deserve.

Throughout our Leedstone catalogs (both online and printed), you’ll find Dr’s Choice items and a brief explanation of what we’ve heard and seen that makes each of them a good choice. It may be that the product has been the most effective, most economical, it offers a manufacturer’s guarantee or we’ve had first-hand reports of satisfaction with the product’s performance.

Our Customer Care Team shares this direct experience with you, so when you call in with an order or product questions, you can feel confident you’re getting the answers you need and the best product for your purpose.