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First Defense®

ImmuCell Corporation

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Made from 100% dried colostrum antibodies, First Defense provides Immediate Immunity™ to the calf. It’s the only product to help protect against E. coli and coronavirus together. Comes in several forms for convenient dosing; ingredients meet NOP/USDA standards for use on organic farms. Verify with your certifying agency before using.

Only USDA approved product proven to aid in the prevention of calf scours caused by K99 piliated Escherichia coli and Coronavirus. No slaughter withhold.

Species: Newborn beef and dairy calves

Doctor's Choice
"Protects calves immediately from 2 most common causes of neonatal diarrhea, E. coli and coronavirus."

OMRI Listed
"Organic approved; OMRI listed."
Product Detail Unit Price Quantity
First Defense® (paste) , (1 ds)
First Defense® (bolus) , (5 ct)
First Defense® (bolus) , (30 ct)
First Defense® (powder) , (90 ds bulk)
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