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Strengthening Our Inheritance

As the third family generation in veterinary medicine, Drs. David and Daniel Tomsche feel an obligation to improve the animal health industry in their own way; to bring value and quality to herdsmen and producers. And they do it by buying right and passing those savings on to you.

Embracing History. Leedstone began as Stearns Farm and Feed in 1993; a place where the savings were passed along to our local neighbors and community. Over time, we evolved to Stearns Vet Outlet and Pharmacy—offering low prices on even more products and services, and expanding our 'community' across the United States. In March of 2013, we announced our current name of Leedstone, to simplify communications and better align all of our products and services under one umbrella.

Looking to the Future. Moving forward and exploring new ideas, trends and equipment are always at the forefront of the industry, and of our company. Together we can look to the future and anticipate new challenges. But we'll never lose sight of our focus of supporting producers, their herds and their livelihood.

Through each evolution, Leedstone is still family-owned. We remain true to our vision to buy right and pass the savings on to you; and in our small way, passing a stronger legacy to new generations.